Sunday, 30 April 2017

The elite (a elite [Portuguese])

By Kiera Cass: (n.d.). Kiera Cass "A Elite" - Marcador - Continente Online. [online] Available at: [Accessed 30 Apr. 2017].

Book translated from English to Portuguese by Alexandra Cardoso. It is the second book in the collection «the selection». The following book is «the one».
It has been very interesting to read this series. It's an easy and enjoyable read. It is not a monotonous book and there is a lot of imagination. The fact that the series portrays a future in the world, in the post-Fourth World War, where the population is more impoverished, divided into castes and with a higher hierarchy, gives rise to controversy. Yet it is fiction, and it leads us to think. And thinking about the present and the future is good.
Some quotes from the book:
  • «We weren’t allowed to use red flowers because they were associated with secrecy. We weren’t allowed to use yellow flowers because they were associated with jealousy. And we weren’t allowed to use purple anything because that color was associated with bad luck.»
  • «A time may come when I will lead and can do what I see fit. For now, I will play by the rules and go as far as I can with that.»
  • «"(...). Watch (...) the queen for cues. Absorb everything we can … and work all night (...).”», America said.
  • «We were on time, as was crucial to the culture, (...).»
  • «(...) lilies were traditionally used at funerals.»

Source: (2017). Lily Tree Mixture. [online] Available at [Accessed 16 Jul. 2017].

  • «(...) the Italian ladies was statuesque. (...), they were all so good-natured. It was like they carried the sun inside their souls and let it shine out on everything around them.»
  • «"(...). I really enjoy the discipline of it and the routine. I like knowing that I’m doing something necessary. (...)."», Aspen said.
  • «"(...). I guess it doesn’t make sense, but… (...) there’s the sense of purpose. And feeling challenged and engaged, the ability to do something more with my life. Maybe Illéa isn’t perfect. In fact, it’s far from it. But I have … I have hope."», Aspen said.
  • «"Sometimes I feel like we’re a knot, too tangled to be taken apart."», Aspen said.
  • «"(...). So much of me is tied up in you. I feel kind of lost without you."», America said.
  • «"Perhaps the key is staying calm while others panic. (...). I say nothing, do nothing, and wear a pleasant smile as everyone around me sinks into hysterics. (...)./(...). I can do what I like, and there’s no one left to stop me" [Gregory’s diary].»
  • «"(...). If you get lost, take a breath and move on. (...)."», Silvia said.
  • «For a brief second, I considered pretending to pass out. But I wanted this to happen. (...)./(...). I took a deep breath and gripped my cards, surprised to find that when I started, I didn’t even need them.»
  • «"(...). To allow the talentless to have exalted privileges and suppress what could be the greatest minds in the world for the sake of an archaic organization system is cruel, and it only stops us from becoming the best we can be."», America said.
  • «"Perhaps our country is flawed, but we cannot deny its strength. My fear is that, without change, that strength will become stagnate. And I love our country too much to let that happen. I hope too much to let that happen."», America said.
  • «"(...). (...) I didn’t want some girl who would agree with everything I said or just roll over and adore me. I try to contradict her, and she concedes the point. Every time! It’s infuriating. It’s like she doesn’t have a spine."», Maxon said.
  • «I knew that, in my whole life, if I married Aspen or someone else, no one would ever make me feel this way. It wasn’t like I made his world better. It was like I was his world.»