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Feng shui for beginners (feng shui para principiantes [Portuguese])

By Richard Webster:
Source: (2017). Feng Shui para Principiantes - Richard Webster, Richard Webster em [online] Available at: [Accessed 23 Apr. 2017].

Book translated from English to Portuguese by Joaquim António Nogueira Gil.
This book is not for beginners because it tries to condense very complex subjects that are difficult to learn by anyone who knows nothing about feng shui. It took me a long time to finish this book because its difficulty made it annoying. However, I underlined some ideas:
  • «(...) my desk was placed in an attractive position beside a window overlooking our garden. I would sit at my desk and think about writing, but I never seriously got around to writing (...). (...) I changed the layout of my office and placed my desk against another wall at a ninety-degree angle to where it had been before. I immediately started writing seriously again. (...).»
  • «(...) a tinkling sound coming from outside. (...) wind chimes (...)./"(...) bad feng shui to have them inside my house./(...) Everything seems to have improved! (...)."»
Source: eBay. (2017). Outdoor Wind Chimes Buying Guide. [online] Available at: [Accessed 30 Apr. 2017].

  • «(...) five chimneys (...) four is considered un unlucky number.»
  • «(...) the word eight means wealth in Cantonese, (...).»
  • «(...) building (...) is good feng shui (...) excellent location surrounded by curving roads and flyovers (...). The peaceful Chater Gardens are directly in front of the building, multiplying the availability of ch'i energy.»
  • «(...) a willow tree was planted in the grounds (...) to ward off the negative flow of energy (...).»
  • «(...) Bank of China (...) its sharp, angled sides create poison arrows of negative energy.»

Source: (2017). Bank of China Tower - Skyscraper in Hong Kong - Thousand Wonders. [online] Available at: [Accessed 30 Apr. 2017].

  • «(...) many buildings have rounded corners to eliminate any potential lines of negative energy.»

Source: Megson, K. (2016). Architecture and design news from CLAD - Schmidt Hammer Lassen aim to reinvigorate central Stockholm with a green-topped mixed-use complex. [online] Available at: [Accessed 30 Apr. 2017].

  • «(...) valleys are believed to have bad feng shui. (...).»
  • «(...) "feng shui woods". There are the oldest areas of woodland (...) and form a barrier to protect many of the villages (...). They are (...) crescent-shaped and consist largely of native forest trees. (...), many trees are planted in these woods to benefit the village. (...).»
  • «(...). When you live in harmony with the universe, good thinks to flow your way naturally. You will experience happiness, contentment, and abundance. This is what feng shui is all about.»
  • «(...) "wind and water". (...) living in harmony with the environment. (...). If we live in harmony with the winds and the waters of the earth, we attract good luck and prosperity. (...).»
  • «(...) the south has always been considered an auspicious direction in feng shui, (...).»
  • «(...) to have water in front of your home, rather than behind it. (...).»
  • «(...) an ornament of a dragon can constantly motivate its owner to work hard and become wealthy and successful.»
  • «(...) people's individual energy should be harmonized with the celestial energy from the land. (...).»
  • «(...) the five basic principles of successful living: "First comes destiny, and then comes luck. Third comes feng shui, which is followed by philanthropy and education."/Destiny is determined by our horoscope, (...).»
  • «(...). If we look the future with anticipation, rather than fear, and expect good things to happen to us, events will usually happen the way we want.»
  • «(...) education. We should all try to improve ourselves as much as we can. (...).»
  • «(...). Hard work is essential for any degree of success in life.»
  • «(...) ch'i brings happiness, prosperity, and longevity, (...). (...) and can be found in its perfection whenever something is done perfectly. (...).»
  • «(...). Ch'i can be increased by meditation, good relationships with others, a healthy lifestyle, and good feng shui.»
  • «(...). Ch'i is easily scattered by strong winds. (...) windy sites are not good from a feng shui point of view. (...), when ch'i is bounded by water, beneficial ch'i usually accumulates. (...).»
  • «(...), not all water is beneficial. If it flows too fast it will take the health away. If it flows in a straight line it will also carry away the ch'i energy. The water ideally needs to be slow-moving and meandering.»
  • «(...). A site surrounded by slow-moving water and rolling hills to dissipate the winds is ideal.»
  • «(...). Tai means the greatest, and chi means the utmost.»
  • «Yang is active, masculine, dominating, and positive. It is full of power and energy. Yin is receptive, feminine, yielding, and negative. (...).»
  • «(...) hills, mountains, and other raised areas represent Yang energy. Valleys, rivers, and streams represent Yin. An earth that is completely flat (...) contain too much Yin. An extremely hilly landscape with no water or plants (...) too Yang. Gently rolling countryside represents a good balance of Yin and Yang.»
  • «(...) a house perched on top of a hill is not (...) to be a fortunate one (...). It would be exposed to all the winds and any water would flow away. (...).»
  • «(...) spirits are believed to travel in straight lines (...). Power lines, railway tracks, walls, rivers, and roads are all poisonous arrows when they travel in straight lines. (...).»
  • «(...). Ponds and waterfalls add to the ch'i, as do musical wind chimes. (...)»
  • «Desks and beds need to be placed against a wall. (...).»
  • «(...). Exposed beams create negative ch'i. They impede financial progress and create stress and tension. (...).»
  • «(...). Spiral staircases are very bad, (...). (...).»
  • «(...). The doors to toilets and bathrooms should be kept closed.»
  • «(...) flower arrangements and potted plants can improve family relationships and marriage, (...). A large statue placed in the Career sector will ensure a more successful, stable future career. (...).»
  • «(...). (...) to eliminate having three doors in a row (...).»
  • «(...). Bright lights are very beneficial. They eliminate any dark spots in the house, (...). (...).»
  • «(...). Small fountains that recycle the water (...). (...) fortunes increase./Your career can be enhanced by placing an aquarium, or something else containing water, (...). (...).»
  • «Large objects can bring strength and confidence into the home, (...). Large rockssculptures, and statues (...).»
  • «(...). Statues of Buddha should be displayed so that the statue looks down on the occupants of the house, rather than the other way around.»
  • «(...), you should avoid sitting with your back towards the window as you lack the support of a solid wall behind youYou must not sit with your back to the door, (...). (...).»
  • «The feng shui of your home is more important than that of your workplace. (...).»
  • The rounded shape is considered lucky because it resembles money.
  • «(...). The foot of the bed should not point directly at the door, (...).»
  • «(...). The rooms nearest the front door should be the living room and study. (...).»
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  • «(...). The windows should open outward, (...).»
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  • «(...). A windowless toilet is called a “dead” toilet, and it is essential (...) a large mirror (...).»
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  • Colorful exterior flower gardens symbolize progress, happiness, and longevity.

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  • «(...) dandelions (...). They (...) protect family members from accidents and keep them in good health. They also symbolize money. (...).»
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  • «Geraniums (...). Red ones are believed to attract prosperity. (...). White geraniums are believed to grant peace of mind and encourage pleasant dreams.»

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  • «Holly attracts money, (...).»
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  • «Jasmine symbolizes friendship and affection. (...).»
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  • «Hollyhock is a symbol of fertility (...). Pomegranates also symbolize fertility.»

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  • «Daffodils (...) encourage open-mindedness, generosity, and communication. (...).»
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  • «Cornflowers enable you to establish and maintain balance in your relationships. (...).»
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  • «(...) roses (...). Yellow ones encourage intellectual discussions and learning. (...).»
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  • «(...). Apples, apricots, pomegranates, and persimmons symbolize fertility.»
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  • «Peach trees symbolize friendship, love, and immortality. Pear trees symbolize longevity and prosperity.»
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  • Plum - a symbol of youth and vitality.
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  • Orange trees are also symbolic of good luckwealthhappiness.
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  • «A small office building between two larger buildings is not a good location.»
  • «Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them - that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.», by Lao Tzé.
  • «Emperor Wu of Hsia (sometimes referred to as Fu Hsi) was the first ruler of China and is believed to have lived some 4,800 years ago. (...) he is regarded as being the father of feng shui, the I Ching, Chinese astrology, and numerology, and the other systems that have derived from these.»