Saturday, 10 September 2016

The amazing power of deliberate intent (o fantástico poder da intenção deliberada [Portuguese])

By Esther & Jerry Hicks:
I took two years to read this book. Why? Because I stopped several times in the exhausting, repetitive and excessive examples that the authors were giving chapter after chapter. It's a great book of good messages, but I delete from it their examples.
Some quotes that I found interesting:

  • «When students are ready, the teacher appears! (...) liberate the inner struggle over the 'art of allowing'», by Louise L. Hay.
  • «(...) by quieting our minds (by meditating) for 15 minutes a day, we could get the answers to what we were looking for.»
  • «But you're going to be amazed to discover that when you find and deliberately keep your vibrational equilibrium in your intended path to happiness, you will also be able to attract whatever you want to be, do or have - and you can also have happiness.»
  • «Life should be fun.»
  • «But we never look to the past in search of better days, because we understand that what is happening now and what is to come will always give us the best that life has to offer.»
  • «Life is, then, the renovation of continuous and endless focus from every vantage point.»
  • «And it's only when you understand yourself how a vibrational being who is able to recognize the vibrational energy continuum that, at bottom, you are.»
  • «At all times, your emotions give you an indicator of the vibrational relationship between your physical and nonphysical selves.»
  • «(...) there is no substitute for the vibrational alignment with yourself.»
  • «As you focus your perspective on the subject, you offer a vibrational frequency that either matches or does not correspond to the frequency that reflects how your inner self sees you.»
  • «Find deliberately thoughts that cause the vibrational alignment of these two points is the only real significance of energy balance.»
  • «From an energy balance state you experience the clarity, vitality, eagerness, physical well-being, abundance in all the things that you think are good and even a lush state of happiness, pleasure and joy. This is the natural state of who-you-really-are.»
  • «The key to the pleasant deliberate creation is to choose the objects or subjects of your thoughts intentionally, giving careful attention to how each feeling makes you feel or how you feel it, because if you are not aware as to what a feeling makes you feel, you will not be aware of where you are positioned in the subtle vibrational range of possibilities.»
  • «(...) your personal preferences (...) make you offers an emanation of vibrations (a request) and the powerful Law of Attraction responds to your emanation of vibrations with other vibrational offers that correspond to them.»
  • «(...) you (...) are a vibrational being and that creates, in fact, their own reality (...) by focusing on their thoughts.»
  • «The more you focus on a subject, the vibration becomes more active and this attracts what corresponds it vibrationally.»
  • «Everyone and everything in the universe is consciousness, all consciousness is vibration or energy.»
  • «And here comes your emotional guidance system, because your emotions are indicators of the vibrational alignment or the lack of it.»
  • «Emotions (...) help you recognize the relationship between the vibration of your desire and the vibration that you are offering or emanating.»
  • «(...) (remember this: a belief is no more than a recurring thought)».
  • «You are (...) sending (...) signals to your future experience.»
  • «The better you feel, the more you will be allowing your connection to your source.»
  • «(...) deliberate choice of thoughts that cause an increasing sense of well-being (...)... All the things you want will flow quickly and easily to your life experience.»
  • «(...) They are just your vibrational emanations that affect your personal life experience.»
  • «You are a creator who creates from the power of your focus.»
  • «(...) the release of resistance (...) will help you to shorten the time that separates the 'where you are now, at this moment' and the position of 'where you want to be.'»
  • «(...) whenever you continue to blame something or someone for something, you lose power. Because this will mean that this person or thing has power over you. And nothing and no one should have this power, because no one can vibrate for you.»
  • «(...) when people die (...). Usually what they say is: "My God, how I was wrong!" (...) "So much concern for anything. So much that I kept myself to live my happy life, with so much useless worry (...)".»
  • «We want you climb on the scale of emotional orientation (...). That's why you're here. You are here to live, here and now.»

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