Monday, 11 June 2018

Liderança: a virtude está no meio (Portuguese) (leadership: the virtue is in the middle)

By Arménio Rego and Miguel Pina e Cunha:

Source: Livro Liderança A Virtude Está No Meio Arménio Rego - R$ 147,00. Produtomercadolivrecombr. Available at: Accessed June 11, 2018.

From Portuguese authors, this book brings hope for the primacy of virtuous actions in the business, political and financial world. Anyone with leadership activities can be inspired by reading these well-written pages, in order to contribute to a decent and dignified work of the community they manage. Relying on big scandals and bankruptcies of real life, we readily conclude that the risks of corrupt or unworthy practices are far greater than those of honest, respectful, humble, humane, just, and therefore healthy work.

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