Sunday, 25 March 2018

Mansfield Park (O Parque de Mansfield [Portuguese])

By Jane Austen:
Source: O Parque de Mansfield. Goodreadscom. 2018. Available at: Accessed March 25, 2018.

With this book, I completed the reading of all Jane Austen's novels. It was published in 1814, after «Sense and Sensibility» (1811) and «Pride and Prejudice» (1813). For me, her best novel was «Persuasion» (posthumous work, published in 1818), followed by «Pride and Prejudice». «Mansfield Park« is, in my opinion, as good as «Emma» (1815), being richer in describing virtues and characters, while «Emma» is more cheerful.
At present, making a trip to the beginning of the nineteenth century is very interesting! People socialized more face-to-face/physically, took great walks in the gardens and woods, exchanged letters, performed dances where they introduced young women to society, played the piano or harp to rejoice an afternoon of rain, did embroidery, painted, finally, there was no television, radio, much less internet or mobile phones. How would live in that time? Would we be happier?
This novel had a beautiful plot and Jane Austen criticizes, as only she is capable of doing, the vices, prejudices, and bad characters intrinsic to society, both of that time, as the current, because they are, unfortunately, eternal.

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