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The heir (a herdeira [Portuguese])

By Kiera Cass:
Source: (2017). Kiera Cass "A Herdeira" - Marcador - Continente Online. [online] Available at: [Accessed 26 Jun. 2017].

This novel was translated into Portuguese by Alexandra Cardoso. It is the fourth book in the series "the selection", and I did not like it as much as the others because the action only developed in the last two chapters. In the first chapters, the book seemed to have been written by a different author. But I understand that the first person was different too... she was no longer America, the mother, but her daughter, Eadlyn. Next book is «the Crown».
Some quotes:
  • «(...). The outfit was feminine enough to soften me but strong enough that I’d be taken seriously. (...).»
  • «"(...). You need to be strong, decisive. (...)."» Eadlyn's father, the Prince Maxon, said.
  • «"(...), they serve different purposes. The calls are for updates and to see how her day went. The letters are the things I can’t always say out loud."» Ahren, Eadlyn's brother, said.
  • «"(...). You’ll be the first girl to hold the throne fully in her own right. And people expect a lot from you." (...). "But, (...), that also gives you a lot of bargaining power." (...). "If they really need you to do this, then negotiate."» Ahren said.
  • «I remembered to smile and speak articulately. Years of lessons on how to address an audience had drilled the proper technique into me, (...).»
  • «"(...)." While I wanted to scream those words, I said them with the voice I’d been trained to use in interviews, and I even managed to smile through most of it.»
  • «I knew what she was doing, digging at the same question until I snapped. (...).»
  • «(...) I’d been taught plenty of disarming techniques for interviews or negotiations, (...).»
  • «"(...). We only exist because they found each other. Any other combination would not have created the two of us."» Eadlyn said to Ahren.
  • «"(...) I do think it’s good for you to have someone in your life. (...). There are some things you don’t learn about yourself until you let someone else into the most intimate places of your heart."» Ahren said to Eadlyn.
  • «"(...). You need to experience a romantic relationship at least once in your life."» Ahren said to Eadlyn.
  • «"(...). I’m smart and beautiful and strong. I don’t need to be rescued."» Eadlyn said to Ahren. «Ahren shrugged. "Maybe not. But you never know if one of them might need to be."»
  • «(...). Love did nothing but break down defenses, and I could not afford that. I already gave so much affection to my family that I knew they were my weakness, (...).»
  • «(...), but I have work to do.» Eadlyn said to Baden. «(...). "But don’t you always have work to do? I bet you could stay up till three in the morning if you had to." (...). "And it’ll all still be there when you get back."» Baden said to her.
  • «I gave an award-winning smile.»
  • «"What are you looking for in a husband?"» Gravil asked Eadlyn. «(...). "I’m not sure anyone knows what they’re looking for until they find it."» Eadlyn answered him.
  • «(...). All I needed was to find situations that kept things as close to the surface as possible.»
  • «(...) his [Jack] moves were slow, watching my rising frustration with a reserved thrill of energy, enjoying the building tension until the moment of release.»
  • «(...). Sex and violence were connected in his [Jack] head, and to give him one was close to giving the other.»
  • «"(...). This [cooking] is actually kind of soothing. (...)."» Fox said do Eadlyn.
  • «"(...) I live on my own, so I cook for myself, and I love all the traditional Swedish foods. (...)."» Erik said to Eadlyn.
  • «(...), I picked up the tiny bowl and mallet I assumed was meant for thread crushing and started pressing. It was a strangely satisfying exercise. (...).»
  • «"(...) I think aggression is a sign of weakness. I’m always more impressed when people can end something with words." (...). "(...). (...) '(...), words are weapons. They are all you need.'"» Erik said to Eadlyn.
  • «It was good for everyone if things could be processed where they were grown. (...)./«“I know a little bit about how much it costs to get supplies, and I figured out that it’d be possible to build these smaller huts, (...), fairly inexpensively. (...)."» Kile said to Eadlyn./«(...). They each had a door and a side-facing window. A little tube at the top caught rainwater, and a small bucket collected it by the door. Vents lined the top, and a small tarp jutted out in front, shading the front of the space./"They look so tiny though."» Eadlyn said./«"But they’d feel like a mansion if you were homeless."» Kile answered her./«(...). "There can’t be space for a bathroom in there.”» Eadlyn said. «"No, but most people use facilities inside the plants. (...). This would be strictly for shelter, which means workers would be more rested, have better health . . . and there’s just something special about having a place to call your own.”» Kile answered.
  • «(...). Even her [Camille] perfection was a quiet thing as if she hardly noticed it at all. So though I really, really wanted to hate her, I knew that would look much worse for me (...).»
  • «(...). "There is no measure. Isn’t there one person who fills your heart and takes up all your thoughts?"» Camille asked Eadlyn.
  • «(...). Even with the boys I hadn’t spent much time with, I knew that each of them had a hold on me in some way. (...).»
  • «(...). Maybe there would be one person who’d still want to kiss me when I had a runny nose or would rub my shoulders after a long day of meetings. Maybe I could find someone who didn’t seem so scary, who made letting him past the wall seem natural. (...).»
Kiera Cass thanks «God, (...) mostly for making a world where things like kittens wearing bow ties are a reality»:
Source: Reasons Why Cats Are The Best. The Odyssey Online. Available at: Accessed October 29, 2017.

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